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After years of absorbing internet blogs, articles and content from all dark corners of the internet I’ve decided to give myself a voice that will hopefully be heard by more than just Jesus. With the help of a few friends I’ve invited to write on here with me as we try to leave our stain on the internet. Shenandoah Sports is going to be funny, self-deprecating at times, passionate, thought provoking and just plain stupid! Our main focus is sports/sports/sports/sports/sports but id be lying if i said we won’t expose you to other zany news stories and pop culture.

For a little about myself (I’ll try to not make it sound like a tinder profile) and my motivations which you probably don’t give a damn about and are already clicking away. We only have to explain this once! I’m like most others in the sports field. Dreams of playing in the big leagues and it couldn’t be further from reality. I was just too slow, too weak, too white. That damn white privilege in everything but pro sports huh. Once you realize you have no shot by your sophomore year of High School its pretty depressing. After a couple years of college and having a major in sports journalism I figured out I lost my passion for the field. I was a boy who listened to sports talk radio and podcasts before I even had music on my iPod. The over saturation of politics into every day sports talk drove me crazy. You say one little thing that’s disagreed with and your either fired or suspended it seems. This damn country has gotten far too emotional. From domestic violence to kneeling we don’t even talk about sports anymore! This is what led me and hopefully you here. Unadulterated views, aspects and opinions with no repercussions. Obviously we aren’t the first site of this nature but I’m glad to add to the list. Its 2018 anything you do is going to be a copy of somebody else’s pyramid model just how Kobe stole all of Jordan’s moves.

Lastly the name Shenandoah comes from the neighborhood development my cohorts and I that will be featured on here grew up at. Honestly I had a bunch of other awesome and original names but they were all taken so “it is what it is”. (Favorite sports quote) Also don’t chirp me for the grammar mistakes there’s a reason why I didn’t finish college ok? We’re doing it my way.

“Why not? Why can’t I be the MVP of the League. Why can’t i be the best player of the league? I don’t see why? Why, why can’t I do that?” – Derrick Rose 


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