Noteable Rookies Preseason Debuts

As every preseason goes there was a lot of bad football played tonight. Still not many things get a man like me more fired up then the sounds of pads hitting in the warm August evenings. Biggest slate of games this week with 24 of 32 teams in action. Really the only thing I care about during preseason is seeing the top Rookies with getting their first looks in NFL uniforms. That new laundry just means so much. Let’s breakdown how some of the top tier picks fared Thursday evening.

Baker Mayfield 1st Overall Pick

Screenshot (1)

Baker played pretty good. Showing signs of what he did in college already.  Pretty good yards per completion average on the night. Far from Mark Sanchezing it aka the check down king. Had a couple scrambles for a few yards that resulted in first downs. As we say in the biz “sneaky fast” aka “white guy”. Cant wait for hard knocks on Tuesday chronicling Bakers first dressed rehearsal.


Saquan Barkley 2nd Overall Pick


Now on to the most talented player in the draft SaQuad Barkley. Excuse my bias here because I am a die hard Giants fan. First play of the game pops a 39 yard rush, showing great patience letting the holes develop and not running into the o-line like a mad man. If you’ve seen any Giants football in the past few years you’d know how anemic the rushing game has been.Finally looks like we may have the answer we’ve been waiting for since Bradshaw/Jacobs and David Wilson’s unfortunate spine injury.


Josh Allen 7th Overall Pick


The man with a rocket for an arm. Josh Allen is the type of prospect that will either be an all-pro or the white JaMarcus Russell. Lets hope he’ll actually watch the coaches game plans unlike the latter. Just like Baker he showed some signs of what we expect him to do. Making every Bills fan soil themselves watching his first pass getting launched down the field over 60 yards which fell incomplete unfortunately. Had a few 10-15 yard passes with some nice finesse on them showing hes not just a rocket man.


Lamar Jackson 32nd Overall


Now this was Lamar’s second game, being in the hall of fame game. Showed not much improvement from the first game. A little inaccurate but getting the ball down field and not playing it safe. Showed off the mobility with a 9 yard touchdown scramble evading the rush and a juke move that works at any level of football. I put Lamar in the same tier as Josh Allen. Exciting and has the tools but probably needs a couple years to polish his game for the pro level.


Derrius Guice 59th Overall Pick


Had a few strong runs. Unfortunately were including Guice mainly because it seemed he had a awkward twist of the knee and had to leave the game. On a nice 20+ yard run that was called back to make matters worst. Hopefully nothing more than a sprain.


Shaquem Griffin 151st Overall Pick


The pride of UCF and fellow nub members everywhere showed out leading his team in tackles. With Griffin being a 5th rd pick he got the most snaps of our featured players tonight. Been having a great camp so far and it proved tonight. Should be set to make the final roster cuts come September. Refreshing to have a guy defy the odds hes been dealt, a story all fans can root for.


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