Thoughts On Dating Apps

My names George G and I’m 1 of the 6 in the group of Shenandoah Sports. Today’s thought from Mr. RP3 was amazing and had me wanting to add a couple things on the topic.

For all those that’s ever used dating apps such as POF, Tinder, OKCupid, and so on. These sites can be really fun and I’ve been a user of them for many years. You can indeed get lucky and meet some beautiful woman and have a great date with a happy ending.

What I don’t understand is how men and women get cat-fished on any of the sites. Like how can someone be so gullible. It’s either your ignoring all signs RP3 said or you just dreaming it’s something real, when you know damn right these women are fakes.

I’ve heard woman say “oh I met up with this guy and he was a completely different guy” therefore looked nothing like his picture. Well excuse me, have you heard of FaceTime? Like come on, if they keep ducking and dodging you when you want to FaceTime then somethings wrong. Most likely you should not meet up with that guy or gal ya horny bastard!

The thing that gets me most angry, Why don’t y’all post some damn body shots?! Men and women that goes for. When a guy or girl does that it must be that they don’t have that great of a body or their fat. I’m just going to assume your hiding a couple extra rolls. Now your wasting my time when I show up to meet you and I get grossed out because you look like the nutty professor. That shows how the men and women ended up on that site. It’s cause your not honest with yourself let alone others.

I’ll be honest all day with a woman and say I’m not looking for anything serious and I just want fun. At least our body’s are shown and we FaceTimed to make sure everything checks out. Bonus for all you men, please look at their hands. There’s way to many transgender people on these sites trying to trap you. Check if these chicks got man hands, a Adam’s apple, or a manly jaw. This is a really fucked up thing when it comes to these sites. Shit but if any man ever got caught up in that mess I just feel bad for you. There’s plenty of ways to spot those types on sites.

I could write a novel on this. You’ll meet Asians, Hispanics, blacks, whites, greens, grays, honest you’ll meet all walks of life. It’s a awesome thing of this generation but don’t let that be your only stable way of getting a woman. Go old school and if you see a chick somewhere go up and appreciate her and ask her on a date. Don’t ever be scared of rejection. We all have been rejected in some way in life. Embrace your failures and have confidence. & trust me we all seen those people with their girl and man like how the fuck did they get that girl or that guy.

It’s not all about looks. Check within yourself to see if you have any flaws in your personality that will make people turn away from you. Clean yourself up! We can all change for the better whether you want to admit it or not. I’ll end it with that for my thoughts and advice on online dating. There’s a lot I missed out on but you guys give it a shot and don’t become a victim of having a bad experience by following our guidelines. There’s ways to detect bad shit and always trust your gut feeling. That’s just my thoughts about it and there’s plenty of more topics within this you guys can comment and bring up.

We want to hear from you guys.

What’s the worst thing or something funny that’s ever happened to you on a dating site?

Do you have any advise you would like to add?

Let’s hear it.

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