Koepka Wins PGA’s, Tiger Finishes 2nd

What a wave of emotions it was on Sunday for all types of golf fans. Die-hard’s, casual and the ones that were only watching because of Tiger being in contention. First of all hats off to Brooks Koepka. Those boulder shoulders getting him his second major of the year and 3rd in last 7 majors for Brooks. At only 28 he really turned the corner this year and easily have the best driving game on the tour. Unfortunately no one will really talk about him and all the talk Monday morning will be about Tiger.

It was such a fun day to watch. Honestly for myself i haven’t watched a live golfing event hole by hole for years. Tiger had the best final round of his career. Let that sick in, finishing with a 64 for the day. Seeing him fist pump like its 2006 all over again was awesome. The ratings when they come in tomorrow will most likely be the highest in years for the PGA Championship. Tiger once again stole our attention and just barely comes up short. At this point you’d have to bet he’d win a Major again one day.

Sadly the majors courses are done for the year and we’ll have to wait eight months until Augusta in the Spring. There is a few good events still coming up that Brooks and Tiger will both hopefully be playing their best golf in like today. The PGA playoffs and Ryder Cup at the end of September. After the last few strong showings id be shock if Tiger isn’t chosen for the United States team at the Ryders. Can’t forget about the rumored 10 million dollar match play event between Tiger and Phil Mickelson in Las Vegas during Thanksgiving weekend.

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