Personal Foul Calls in Preseason Have Been Atrocious

There’s no secret its been known that the NFL goes overboard with penalties in preseason year in and year out. Every time they make rule adjustments the calls in preseason are twice as much as what it averages out to be in the regular season. A few years ago when they focused in on illegal contact it seemed like every drive it was called. Now obviously it doesn’t pop up as much or do we really even think about it. We can only hope we’ll forget that they made calls like we saw this past weekend.

Here are the new rules that were implemented during the March competition committee meetings.

Playing Rule Article 8: It is a foul if a player lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent. The player may be disqualified. Applies to any player anywhere on the field. The player may be disqualified.

A rushing defender is prohibited from committing such intimidating and punishing acts as “stuffing” a passer into the ground or unnecessarily wrestling or driving him down after the passer has thrown the ball, even if the rusher makes his initial contact with the passer within the one-step limitation provided for in (a) above. When tackling a passer who is in a defenseless posture (e.g., during or just after throwing a pass), a defensive player must not unnecessarily or violently throw him down or land on top of him with all or most of the defender’s weight. Instead, the defensive player must strive to wrap up the passer with the defensive player’s arms and not land on the passer with all or most of his body weight.


That being said with the new leading with the helmet and roughing the passer strictness its been blasphemous the calls that have been made. I don;t hate the ejection rule that they adopted from college and thankfully can review if the player should stay ejected. Even if its preseason practice how could they possibly throw flags on some of these? If half of this amount of calls are made it will still stick out like a sore thumb to fans. Lets take a look of a couple examples that will make you want throw your remote come week 1.

Roughing the Passer?


What the hell did I just witness. A few years back they changed up the rule about landing with all your force on the  quarterback but that usually means the rusher airborne’s the QB and slams him. I’m all for cutting unnecessary stuff like that but this was nowhere near that territory! Text book as it gets! Telling sign is when  the offensive lineman and QB don’t go looking for a flag and there is one. Nobody would’ve moved a muscle to argue that was a foul. That should be shown to teams as how to tackle the QB! Joke! Seen worst not get called in Friday Night Tykes! Now in the Skins and Jets game the QB does get up in there air a bit but only because he jumped to throw it over the defender.

Helmet to Helmet

Well damn we might as well play flag football. Once again pro lowering unnecessary head blows but more egregious flags. The first clip the defender goes so low and initially moved ,ow first. If anyone should be flag its the ball carrier for dipping his head basically knee level and ultimately making the helmet to helmet contact happen. The second clip the defender goes low to thigh level with the helmet but  no way was trying to harm the runner. That’s just what we used to call tackling. Last clip is the wildest one. Get trucked over by the ball carrier and get called for the penalty? I would lose it!

Whether the calls get scaled back which i most certainly expect there will still be head scratching calls. Teams will lose games and outcomes will change drastically from calls made altered to these rules. Ill be right here to blog about it.

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