Maserati Bob is a Football Guy Legend

Hard knocks has a new star in coach Bob Wylie and I could’ve predicted this after the first episode. Offensive line coaches are always some wacky don’t give a shit characters. To be a man that teaches guys how to get dirty in the trenches which are the front lines of football for 36 years you have to be weird. Been coaching offensive line professional and college since 1980! Not to mention he’s got a belly shaped like a football. Him saying ‘set hut’ while the belly moves with it is poetic stuff. America loves the fat-man.

Then he goes on a spiel about world war ll. Player comes up bitching on how he needs to stretch before doing drills and stuff and got one of the oldest school answers you can get.

I see both sides in this. Obviously hell no the greatest army in the land didn’t stretch! Didn’t have to do that pretty boy BS! Jumped off those boats swam, ran and fired off those rifles. But at the same time how do we know a couple of the lost soldiers didn’t pull a hammy or calf muscle on their approach? I tell ya what if one or two did they didn’t survive to tell it. Valid comeback by the player.

On top of all this Coach Wylie drives a little ass Maserati?! Bananas move. I would’ve sworn he’s a pick up truck or Jeep guy. His obtusely large walrus looking self sneaking in that thing. Wild stuff. With Andy Reid losing all that weight we needed another football guy with an A+ mustache to step in. Blessed.


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