These Parkour Karate Acrobats are Mesmerizing

Stunning stuff to watch here. Just how and why did they think of all this crazy flare to go along with it all. Ill always think someone cutting wood or cylinder blocks with their hand like its a saw is amazing. You throw in this parkour looking stuff and this should be a league on ESPN Ocho. Get this kid a stunt double role for Jackie Chan. I’ll never be able to take these soft but yet still rugged hands to town on some wood other than the one I got.

This gives us reason to include one of the biggest karate fails of all time that took place earlier this year. Good old Sri Lanka’s got talent or whatever its called over there. This guy couldn’t of been sane in the brain. Also did his stunts ever work in practice? Who green lighted this for him? So many questions. None the less if you haven’t seen the black belt of Sri Lanka yet… your in for a treat.

UPDATE: Im being told this is Taekwondo and not karate. My parents signed me up for that crap when I was about 8. Quit after the instructor made me stretch until I was doing a split. Said forget that and took my balls and went home.

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