Fake Tiger Woods at Dell Technologies Championship

We had another fan athlete look a like impersonator at a later end event again.

This time a man copying tigers signature last day of an event red look. On the fourth and final day Tiger as long as I can remember years red so this fan had the perfect outfit ready. Posing taking pics with fans. Wouldn’t be surprised if a few thought it was the real Tiger. Although he was noticeably less jacked.

The absolute defeat in this mans body language is heartbreaking. Just shattered. He’s been preparing for the monent for probably awhile finally has Tiger walking right by and totally ignores the hi five. Hate to see that happen. Too locked in to break character. But hey you made it on to Shenandoah sports (said no one ever)



We’ve had some other recent impersonators at sporting events.

Fake Andy Reid

So easy to be the fatman. Got the headset and all. Stache was on point too.

Fake Ichiro

This one is straight up creepy. Mimicking every move he had all game. From on deck to at bat and even taking a lead while he was on base. Always a little weirder with the Asians

Fake Rob Ryan

When Rob was down in the bayou he had a fan the put a grey mop to look the part.


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