I am Declaring Myself Eligible for the NGL 2018 Draft


This is a big day for my family, friends and I. I am officially entering a the National Gridiron League 2018 Draft. Its been a humbling experience making it to 25 years old and basically being a football free agent. I played flag football for almost a decade. Played a lot of center and a couple plays at running back cause we put a 50 spot on some sorry team and the coach felt bad for me. Now I did have a couple Touchdowns from the center position. Hook route was my pattern. Defensively I was a nightmare for the opposing QB. An absolute ball hawk. Feel most comfortable in a cover 2 zone but I do like to wonder like the great Ed Reed. My career highlight I had an interception on a 2 point conversion to seal the game and help the Weston YMCA Vikings secure an undefeated season. But don’t worry it was a team victory and always is. I never put an i in team because I passed the 3rd grade.


Look at this stud. Pro Bowl flag football Center.

I will be holding my own combine for the scouts of the league. I am declaring myself as a Quarterback. God’s position. I’m the Johnny Utah of the desert. Italian Stalion of Quarterbacks. I have all the makings of a QB.

Important QB Qualities I Posses

  1. Good Looks/Great Hair- From this thick Italian hair on down I have all the looks of a GQ Quarterback. The great ones like Brady are always attractive. Ugly QB’s fizzle out quick.
  2. Strong Arm- Was deemed the Gus Ferrotte of my neighborhood from all my overthrows
  3. Leader Personality- I brought my neighborhood together as a boy. Started my own site that’s all you need to know.
  4. Charisma- I have an obtuse personality. I quickly become a favorite everywhere I go. Weather its work related or friends. The funniest one in the room but knows how to get serious in clutch situations.
  5. Ability to Stay Calm- No one knows pressure like me. As an average white male I know that everyday I’m expected to succeed because of my privilege. Ive gone through hurricanes in Florida for decades. Getting the plywood up before then storm hist, talk about pressure.


Over the next few days I will begin chronicling my path to the draft. Shenandoah Sports and I will put this new league on the map. I will have a pro day and train for the combine. Gaining fans along the way. I will also take a wonderlic and score higher than Vince Young that is my promise.


I can do these drills in my sleep! All non contact? No problem

The people’s Quarterback. Going all in for content. God Bless



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