Josh Gordon has a new team

It’s official, the Patriots have traded for troubled Wide Receiver Josh Gordon. Only sending away a conditional 5th round draft pick. Browns weren’t expecting much considering they would just release him today anyway. Belichick with another evil empire move. There’s no denying Gordon is one of the most talented receivers in the league when he is actually on the field. I’ve been critical of Gordon and fans being excited on the possibility of having him. He let the Browns down so much he’ll just let a new team down the same way.

That being said the only team that can probably get the most out of him, keep him on the field and make him put down the pot pipe would be the Patriots. They have a history of making troubled players into the man they should be and get the most out of them. Also usually if you fail in New England your washed up. It’s been a last chance team for many troubled guys. Belichick always has something in his back pocket. Having a health Gordon and focused along with Edelman coking back with the crew of receivers that have been contributing nicely this year is a scary thought…

Gordon would be Tom Brady’s greatest deep threat since Randy Moss. Would be fun to watch, for the sake of the league and Gordon hopefully he takes advantage of this golden opportunity and rewrite his career.

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