Today’s Thought

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re watching a great football game but you realize you’re out of beer, wings, or chips? I have and its almost as bad as losing your fantasy football starting QB for the season. Its a gametime decision to either go to the store and miss out on the game or go hungry and stay home to keep watching. Well I found an awesome solution to these game day dilemmas that Bill Belichick would claim he invented. That solution is Shipt. Continue reading “Today’s Thought”

Today’s Thought


We at Shenandoah Sports will give you some life advice you can use to your benefit, or you can totally ignore it and look dumber than bringing sweet country ham to a cousin’s friend’s  bar mitzvah. The choice is yours broham. Don’t mess up!

Today’s thought is for the dating game. Yea you’re  probably a Tinder god, getting more matches than a game of go fish. But are those matches quality? If you really want to scope out your match here is a list of redflags you should be aware of: Continue reading “Today’s Thought”

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