Baseball is Back! Let’s bet!

Opening day has finally arrived, only 119 days later then first anticipated. Nonetheless you can feel some of the excitement. This will be the first of our four major sports to return to action here in the United States since Coronavirus shut it all down back in mid March.

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Giants Game 1 Review: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Well we saw the good, the bad and of course in every Giants game… THE UGLY. If you were wondering how many sentences till Ereck Flowers gets mentioned its two! We’ll come back to him later. A crushing 20-15 loss at home to start the 2018 season. Even it was a rough L and we beat ourselves than the jaguars did there was some positives to make away. This team will not be like the corpse of a football team out was last year. (If they maintain health) Continue reading “Giants Game 1 Review: The Good The Bad and The Ugly”

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