Bands Playing With Live Orchestras = AWESOME

I have a new found obsession with watching concerts of rock bands playing with orchestras and want everyone to know. Live orchestras in general have such a powerful feel and sound to them. Too much of anything is never a bad thing when it comes to music. Mash it up with the legendary guitar riffs of a band like Metallica and we have greatness before us. Some Metallica from thier concert in 1999 with the San Francisco Sympathy.

Like everyone in the orchestra becomes a rock star for a day. Harp lady going so hard her fingers are going to bleed.

Recently it seems more and more bands are playing at Royal Albert Hall in England. Add on of all the back up singers in the orchestra and fans yelling along sends me straight to goosebumps city.


One of my favorite bands of all time Alter Bridge has their Royal Albert Hall special coming out in September and im more than excited from this preview. Cry of Achilles with the orchestra in the back!? SIGN ME UP!


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