Baker may not be the hero Cleveland wants but he’s the hero Cleveland needs

Finally Baker May got to get on the field in a real game last night. Poor Browns fans have been clamoring for him since they got tired of mediocre Tyrod Taylor real fast. To be fair he’s not the main reason they didn’t win either of their first 2 games but he didn’t help. I mean 15-40 vs the Steelers is hard to defend. If Baker was in they may win that game and not tie. Especially considering the Steelers gave up 6 touchdowns to the Chiefs the next week.

Now the scary thing for Browns fans and especially if you watched hard knocks you’d see how stubborn and hell bent Hue is on not playing Baker. So embarrassing so in the final episode he told Baker he “won” the back up spot. He shouldn’t have had to win that. Back to the scary and I hundred percent believe that if Tyrod never got concussed and ruled out that Hue would’ve never played Baker. Hue knows his a sitting duck. Different GM there then who hired him so really if he goes anything under a winning record he’ll most likely be fired. Why he feels Tyrod gives him best chance not sure. You play the kid and he looks good in your system and vouches for you that’s your best option. He will be the starting QB come week 4. Extra time to prepare since it was the Thursday game. Hue would be ran out of town if he didn’t start Baker now.

As far as the media world goes Baker still has his haters and a fair amount of admires. Let’s take a look at the best pundits yapping it up after Bakers comeback.

Bakers number 1 hater had his take too

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